Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pearl Home Project




I like to think I’ve always been good at doing nothing in the most intentional way possible, but now that I know what it’s like to work fifty hour weeks I am soaking in every minute of my weekend like a sponge. I used to stare at Mama Pearl, completely perplexed by her need to sip on her hot tea down to the last drop without the slightest sense of urgency. Now it is me who sips on my hot coffee down to the last drop, admiring the sunshine coming in from the window and warming my legs like a blanket.

It has been a while since I’ve had a good Pearl project going for the weekend. I decided it was finally time to get some shelving up I had bought for a steal from CB2 (adore their designs). As we continue to work on our home, I have grown to Love our space immensely, but one thing I have continued to struggle with is my need to jenga all of our things into our kitchen cabinets. We are simply tight on space and my nesting instinct paired with a Love of playing host does not help me. I’ve continued down this design path of industrial/modern/playful/chic to accommodate me and Sam’s differences in a way that works. I have to admit I was bit bummed when he was not feeling the wire shelving. I found it brilliant although we still need a warm, wooden credenza underneath to balance it out. All in due time. So far, I’m feeling it.

Let’s settle this domestic debate. Who do you side with?

S or B?

Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend Loves.

My best,


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  1. oo, in love with these shelving units... i could use some more storage organization myself, i should look into these!