Sunday, October 28, 2012

It’s fall!! Let’s spoon.


clockwise from top left: throw - Faribault, lodge stripe in coffee; french press – Bodum, Chambord; headphones - Panasonic, RP-HTX7 in white; the boo in our guest room, priceless, one-of-a-kind, go to your local shelter!

B (pouncing on S): “LET’S SPOON!!!”

It’s spoon weather!! My favorite kind!! And potentially Sam’s least favorite kind, as he keeps a careful watch for a B attack out of the corner of his eye. The windows are open, it’s glorious out, and I am overjoyed to snuggle up for breakfast in bed, enjoy the day with a short run, and warm up to fabulous food with new friends. Here are some snaps of the little things that are making me weak at the knees and warming my heart as of late. What a Lovely weekend. Cheers, Big Man.

Have a wonderful weekend. Spend it where it counts.

All my Love,


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  1. Happy Autumn!

    Spooning is hot chocolate for body and soul.