Monday, October 15, 2012

rebels with a cause



On my drive in to work I am welcomed with:

Be Someone

On my drive home I am greeted with:

Remüv Hate

Everyday these messages catch my eye and I never tire of them. I can’t help but smile at this rebel with a cause. Then there’s the space jump this past weekend that totally blew my mind. Talk about barrier breaking. I Love these rebels. I am inspired. Swooning. The best part is I hear they are always taking more members and I for one am all in.

Do you dare to push the limits for a better, cooler, more inspired world?

All my Love,



  1. Where I am physically able..oh yes. I've always pushed the limits; even more so now that I am older.

    1. I think the sweetest part is, we can push our limits in so many ways, even outside the physical.