Monday, October 1, 2012

sleep less, dream more

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True to form, I should probably be sleeping right now. This past week has been such an eye opener for me. Therapy is such an odd, odd field. Engineers don’t have to deal with this shit, I think to myself. But then I would be an engineer…. and I actually quite Love what I do so… hmm.  I have been happily pushing myself in mind and emotion as I delve deeper into my craft. In my work, this involves exploration into my own heart, which much like therapy in itself, can be both painful and enlightening. I am so committed to my clients that I take on all parts of my work to the Nth degree. To top it off this year is one of growing pains so it makes for an interesting combination. Having become so emotionally exhausted by the end of my week I begin to wonder, “What am I doing this for? Why do I even care?” One reality slap from God, a talk with Sam, and a 10 mile run later, I am feeling re-centered and energized with fresh perspective. We are all part of a much larger picture. It’s not all about us (surprise, surprise). It’s so easy to get lost in the daily hustle that we often forget the magnitude of what we can do with our lives if we try. Our labor of sweat and Love will pay off in a big way. Good things come to those who work and hopefully, we can spread it to others too.

What are you working for?

All my Love,


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  1. bookmarking your blog now.....As I read this post I was intrigued. This is a great and refreshing post.
    Never lose your tone:-)