Monday, December 31, 2012

Define Yourself. Reflections for the New Year.

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For the Love! What an epic question. Can I go with this answer? Some sort of conglomeration of dinosaur, flower, and philosophical text? Hmm… That was probably a lot deeper than I gave it credit for. Art aside, I have to admit this holiday season has been brutal. I was taken aback by the weight of my emotions. Just when you think you have it all together, just when you feel you have yourself all figured out, life proves you wrong. I have been feeling overwhelmed by waves of varied grief, positivity, excitement, and anxiety as I approach the 2013. I look back at the past year and I am absolutely horrified by the path I have had to walk. So much I could never have been prepared for. Things I was just not ready for. And yet, I am here. In full health. With my faith, my strength, and people whom I adore. I have managed to cultivate incredible joy in my life despite all things. My heart swells daily with gratitude. This gives me hope as I step into the new. My path in the coming year is riddled with hurdles, long nights, and incredible uncertainties. I find an odd solace in the fact that I will never be prepared enough. I will never be ready enough. Somehow, things will be OK.

In fact, things will be kind of beautiful.

A continued lesson for me. How challenging and liberating it is to find security in your imperfect, evolving self, and let go, let go, let go into the unknown.

Cheers to a messy, invigorating, beautiful 2013.

All my Love and more,



  1. I am a conglomeration of imperfections held together by love, hope, and good intentions.

    Happy and Joyous New Year!

  2. Happy New Year B! I always enjoy "checking in" with you.
    xox, Nicole