Sunday, December 9, 2012

sorry, that’s just my face.


S: “What did that laptop do to you?”

Everything. I’m not exactly sure who to point the finger at, but someone owes this chick a shot of botox. Or maybe just a shot. It’s quite sad that my “study face” has become synonymous with “angry face.” Forget knee deep. I will be forehead deep in internship and graduate work for the next… several months. I’m in the final stretches, but until August, school is going to do me in real good. Odd as it may seem, I have always been quite fond of wrinkles. I have conjured up specific marks of success that I would like to establish in my life and one of them is to acquire a healthy dose of laugh lines. These suckers, however, are not my friends. I will have to retrain my face or just prop up a sign by my desk to apologize for my face. Something along the lines of, “It’s not you, it’s graduate school” or “Will not bite, promise.” While we’re at it, I should probably throw in a, “Please feed the intern” sign. My typical sustenance of grilled cheese sandwiches is starting to wear me out.

That being said, wrinkles or not, I have to admit that I have been counting my blessings as of late. I have learned now more than ever the importance of Loving what you do and I have the privilege to say that I freaking LOVE what I do. Hells to the yeah.

So on that note, back to work…

All my Love,


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