Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Blazer Love


B (with eyes a glitter): ::GASP:: 
There are moments so horrifyingly embarrassing that even if it happened when you were alone, you kind of have to come clean for the sake of a healthy ego check. I was standing in the dressing room. Probably the last place Sam ever wants me to be. Actually, I can guarantee that's the last place he ever wants me to be. But seeing as I am a master bargain shopper and it was the start of a new year, I saw little harm. I swung on the blazer with a large shrug of my shoulders and turned to the mirror. My heart actually skipped a beat. I was totally lovestruck by this little thing. So much so that I literally had an immediate reflex to clasp my hands into prayer and gasp with the most utterly depressing little squeel: Samastitihiiiiii.  The Buddha would not be impressed. I'm pretty sure this is not what my yoga teacher had in mind when discussing Mountain Pose and open, grateful hearts. This is my Love/hate with fashion. Way too easy to get caught up in it. Despite my momentary lapse of reality, I have to say I feel like I've struck a good balance as of late. In the cold(ish, I live in Texas after all) winter months, I have been rocking the blazers a lot lately. With little to no time to make myself look decent in the morning, I've learned to master the art of bed head to go with it. It somehow seems to work and represent my life rather well. Professional, focused, and just busy enough to not be concerned with perfectly coiffed hair. I'll take it.
Blazer Love. You are ridiculous.
P.S. I did buy it (duh). But only after a good laugh and healthy eye roll at myself.

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