Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I believe in sweat and miracles

Clouds 51471810


And then the sky opens up, and God says,

“My dear, sweet, under-caffeinated child…. here. For your efforts.”

I got my residency! Booyah! (I’m not sure where “booyah” is coming from, but it just feels right). I cannot possibly express my joy, gratitude, and excitement for my next chapter. I was really struggling as I thought about my needs for the coming year and the uncertainties of where my path might lead me. My work as a therapist is my heart. So is my family. With job prospects scattered all over the country, I felt completely torn by the thought of potentially having to leave Sam and my dad. The old man is retiring within a matter of months. How could I possibly leave him during his time of transition into a life post Mama Pearl? I just couldn’t fathom such a thing. I couldn’t leave my men. The idea that a) a position existed that would fit all of my career goals and personal needs and b) that I would land said position seemed nearly outlandish. I might as well start praying for unicorns again.

But then somehow… it all comes together. Exactly how I needed it, exactly when I needed it. I got the mythical position I was dreaming of. Big Man, you’re the bomb.

Here’s to You and hard work paying off,



  1. So sometimes there ARE unicorns, when and how you really need them. Congratulations!

    1. Jac!! haha amazing. I swear my mind went to the exact same place. Unicorns do exist.