Thursday, February 14, 2013

Now, That's Love.

I have the hardest time picking out Valentine's Day cards. I find myself struggling to control my gag reflex in an aisle of pink, red, and glitter. I need a shot of insulin because I'm getting a syrupy sweet overload. Is there something wrong with me?  Because something about this whole picture just doesn't sit right. I am all about Love. I'm a Love fanatic. I believe in the power it holds and I believe in the importance of spreading it like a virus in a world that desparately needs it. You would think I would be all over this stuff. The truth is, I don't want roses and a card that has everything spelled out already on Valentine's Day. I want peonies and deep conversation on a Tuesday. An evening of no TV with my main squeeze, eating store bought pizza at the table with vinyl playing in the background. I want a passionate kiss followed by a sweet whisper of "I'll take out the trash" in my ear.
That's Love.
A day for celebrating Love is great. Flickering moments of celebrated Love on the daily is even better.
Have a wonderful Valentine's day. I hope it's filled with kisses, sugary goodness, and so much more.
All my Love,


  1. Oh my goodness; so you're saying you prefer *gasp* reality to the commercialised crud? Good on you!

  2. Lovely sentiments!
    Great photo!