Tuesday, March 5, 2013

the book of dog

I can't think of a more effective reminder of the superiority of dogs. Eternally happy, exuberant, and filled with joy, they have little need for earthly possessions. They don't need 3 cups of coffee in the morning to greet the day. A simple cup of dry kibble will suffice to throw a party like it's carnaval. They don't spend their day criticizing their performance of playing catch the day prior or the manner in which they approached that great looking rear at the dog park for a sniff. While I can't be absolutely certain of their internal dialogue, I would believe their extensive vocabulary would consist of something like: "KISSES", "OMGOMGOMG", "HAPPY", "YES", "I LOVE YOU", and "CLEAN UP MY POO." This is what I would call, "winning."
After finding myself sprawled out on the grass this past weekend, belly up to the sun, and full of heart, my hypothesis is once again confirmed: we could probably all afford to take a page or five out of the book of dog.
What a thing to aspire to.
Peace + Love,

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